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The Abby and Libby Field of Dreams Memorial Concert

Benefit Concert Saturday Night in Kokomo Honoring Murdered Delphi Girls

KOKOMO -- (RTV6) The Abby and Libby Field Of Dreams Memorial Concert will be held Saturday, July 15th from 8 p.m - 3 a.m. in Kokomo

The sports complex will consist of "a couple of softball fields and a park" and will feature areas where kids and their families can enjoy sports, the arts and each other. 

Planning the park has become a source of comfort for both families, and they want to make it somewhere they can go to find peace and where the girls will be forever remembered in their community. 

Libby captured the two key pieces of evidence that state police have released regarding the only suspect they have in the murders: An image of a man wearing a blue jacket with his hands in his pockets walking along the Monon High Bridge and an audio clip of a man's voice saying "down the hill." Police have not said whether they believe the same man is depicted in both pieces of evidence, but they have yet to identify who either person is.

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