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Men's Health Minute : Foot Health

Playing sports, hiking in the mountains, biking trails or walking to your next meeting…
your feet have always gotten you where you wanted to go. But as you get older, you may notice foot pain and foot problems can stop you in your tracks. Even foot fungus, blisters, corns, heel spurs, and ingrown toenails can slow you down at any age. As part of your annual physical, have a foot screening, especially if you are diabetic or have had athletic injuries or arthritis pain.

Shoe selection along with selecting the proper shoe size are very important. Your shoe size can change as you get older, so check it before investing in shoes. Custom shoe inserts can often alleviate pain. Talk to a podiatrist for ongoing issues, such as foot pain, sprains or plantar fasciitis.

Want help for sweaty or smelly feet? Alternate shoes rather than wearing the same ones daily. Use foot spray or foot powder with cotton socks. And disinfect or discard shoes if they smell bad. Your feet, and those around you, will thank you!

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