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Hollywood Indiana: The Movies, the Shows, the Stars and What's Missing

Indiana could have more movies and TV shows filmed here. Take a listen to the ones that have been.

STATE WIDE--You may have seen reruns of One Day at a Time or binge-watched Parks and Rec on Netflix. You've probably seen "The Great Escape" or "Rebel Without a Cause". These movies and TV shows were influenced in a large way by your home state.

"Hollywood Indiana" looks at the actors like James Dean and Steve McQueen, the behind-the-scenes geniuses, like Robert Wise, the shows and the movies that put Indiana on the map and brought the names of Hoosiers and Hoosier cities into millions of homes across America.

You'll hear new interviews from experts on Dean, McQueen, Indiana pop culture, film makers and people who believe Indiana is missing out on being a part of a big movement that brings Hollywood to cities and states outside of California.

GRAPHIC: Maddie Koss/Emmis

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