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4 Devastatingly Awesome Tailgate Chili Recipes That You Have To Try This Weekend

Chili is a classic choice to have any tailgate fest. It warms your bones while also giving a good base before you continue drinking your adult beverages. Chili and tailgating go together like Jordan and Pippen, Ditka and polish sausage, milk and cookies – you can pick your metaphor power couple, but you get the idea. Below are some of the best chili recipes collected throughout tailgate history to give you the best boost of energy to properly support your team.


Dark chocolate chili

Now, this name might have caused you to give this recipe the stink eye, but hear me out here. Dark chocolate chili, while obviously sweeter, incorporates two different types of bells peppers, two different types of onions and large amounts of other spicy elements. Also, it has a whole can or bottle of stout beer in it. Everyone will enjoy this chili because of its balance between sweet and spicy plus booze.


White chicken chili

White chicken chili tends to be one of those meals that either goes over really well or completely bombs. Personally, the more ladies you have attending your tailgate, the more likely this chili will be a success. Word of advice: make sure to give yourself plenty of prep time for this one. For some reason it always seems to take longer than it should.


Everything but the kitchen sink chili

This is probably the most common chili on the list. When you think of chili it’s usually the kind that has every type of chili, pepper and spice found in the cabinet combined with beef, sausage AND bacon, whole onions, various assortments of beans and the list goes on. The trick to this recipe is to make sure your not overpowering any one flavor. This is a fun one that will always be a hit. Try it out, but also make your own tweaks, you know what you and your friends will like best.


Pork and pumpkin chili

Typically, if you like something and you add it to something else you really like, it has to be amazing, right? Right! In comes pork and pumpkin chili. This chili will come out looking a little lighter than some of the others but it’s just as great. Try to do this particular dish earlier in the season since pumpkin seems to always taste better in the early fall.


Final recommendations: go heavy on the garlic so your lady will really love you on game day, always have a cold beer to go with any chili at your tailgate and make sure those guys at the rival tent next to you know exactly who you represent!

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