Tony Katz

The FBI announced that North Korea was behind the hacking of Sony, which led to the release of personal information, private emails and feature length films that have caused the company huge financial losses and a PR nightmare. Yet, some security experts claim the case against...
Jon Gabriel from joined Tony this morning to discuss his article "Kim Jong Un To Host Oscar Awards" this year.
Terri Stacy stepped into the studio and joined Tony this morning and as the show was coming back from a break, turns out Paige played one of Terri's favorite songs thus the fitting headline!
For the Big Story this morning Tony talks about America's reaction to Sony pulling the release of "The Interview" after the North Korean threat against us if they did release it.
This morning Tony spoke with Fox News Radio's Simon Owen about the case of a Danish child-care worker who says he was fired because he was fat. The EU Court says he was discriminated against because obesity could count as a disability.
On the heals of Sony pulling the plug on "The Interview" release due to the North Korea hack, Tony tells us this morning that Paramount is pulling "Team America: World Police" from theaters which has been out for 10 years!
Paramount has pulled the Trey Parker/Matt Stone classic Team America: World Police , in response to Sony pulling The Interview after a massive hack and threats from North Korea. Released in 2004, Team America: World Police mocks then-North Korean leader Kim Jong-il mercilessly,...
This morning, Tony asks "What is the purpose of normalizing relations with Cuba?" and gives his take on it plus his thoughts on Sony pulling the release of "The Interview" due to terror threats...threats tied to North Korea!
Tony spoke with DCI Advisory's Stephen Yates this morning to discuss the question everyone is asking "Why Cuba now?"