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This Football Season Is Completely Insane.

I have no idea what is happening in the NFL right now. I know the teams and the players and the schedules and the standings. It's not that I don't understand the NFL. It's that I don't understand what is happening IN the NFL. Why does it seem that this season is taking place inside a Salvador Dali painting?

It is surreal. Just yesterday, the Dallas Cowboys blew a lead so big it could only be eclipsed my Mitt Romney not taking the knock out punch against President Obama in the second and third debates. The Cowboys, looking to get better on defense, got rid of Rob Ryan. Rob ended up with the New Orleans Saints, and a massive chip on his shoulder. 

Now, the Cowboys have the last ranked defense in the NFL. The Saints are ranked fifth. Then again, the Saints just lost to the Rams, who are 6-8. The Rams did it with Kellen Clemens at QB, a guy who has been a non-factor journeyman since he began in the NFL.

Speaking of the AFC East, the Patriots - who have had three weeks in a row of completely insane come from behind victories - lost to the Miami Dolphins. Who? That's right, the tabloid Dolphins, who have had to deal with biggest scandal in football outside of CTE and other brain injuries. It's been weeks since Jonathan Martin left the team, citing he was being bullied by fellow player Richie Incognito - who everybody knows was a bully, and still liked him!

This was the scandal that was supposed to totally distract the team and ultimately shame and kill them. Coach Joe Philbin got heat for not having enough emotion about the scandal and the well being of his players. He was being, as they like to say it, too cool. But his Dolphins are now 8-6. They're second in the AFC East, and have won their last three. That is cool.

And how is it that our beloved Indianapolis Colts can lose to the Cincinnatti Bengals 42-28, only to have the Bengals lose in convincing fashion to the poorly playing Pittsburgh Steelers a week later? And, how can the Colts have a running game that looks something like a Rascal Scooter commercial, have Reggie Wayne out  and still win the division?

Two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Eli Manning of the New York Giants has 25 interceptions this season, including five just yesterday. Two weeks ago, Philadelphia Eagles back-up Nick Foles threw seven touchdowns in 3 quarters - the first player in NFL history to do it!

The Arizona Cardinals are 9-5 behind the arm of Carson Palmer. CARSON PALMER!

The Atlanta Falcons. (No jokes here. Just blank stares.)

There are always odd circumstances and weird seasons. But for this fan, this year, the NFL is completely insane.

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