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Hey @Hinchtown: We've Got the Answer To Your Maple Dip Donut Dilemma

Tim Horton's is coming to Indy, and IndyCar driver/dancer James Hinchcliffe thinks only they can satisfy his maple donut dreams

It started innocently enough. James Hinchcliffe - the 2016 Indy 500 pole-sitter, the face of IndyCar racing, the phenom on Dancing With The Stars, the Mayor of Hinchtown and, yes, CANADIAN! - took to Twitter to proclaim his love for Tim Horton's, a donut and coffee shop. Famous in his native Canada, Tim Horton's will be making it's way to Indiana this year. Avon, to be exact:


It struck WIBC Morning Host Tony Katz as peculiar. Sure, Tim Horton's makes good coffee. But doesn't Hinch know that Indy is filled with amazing coffee spots? Hubbard and Cravens, Bee Coffee Roaster, Julians's Coffee, Brickhouse Coffee, Tinker Coffee, Coat Check Coffee, Calvin Fletcher's, Thirsty Scholar, Foundry Provisions, Lino Coffee (in Speedway!!,) Quills Coffee and a host of others. Tony let him know:


Hinch was unfazed; He's not even a coffee drinker!

Not a coffee drinker? Tony's not even sure you can trust someone who doesn't drink coffee! But, if it's donuts James is after then he's come to the right place. Tony - the creator of #DonutDayIndy, coming June 2nd - is the donut expert of Indiana, and there are amazing donuts all over the place! General American Donut, Sunrise Bakery, Dancing Donut, Daylight Donuts, Jack's Donuts, Square Donuts, Long's Donuts, Taylor's Bakery, Tim's Bakery, Titus Bakery, Boyden's Bakery, Krenolie's Donuts, Hilligoss Bakery, Circle City Sweets, Al's Donuts, Sweet Temptations, Linne's Bakery and Cafe, Illinois Street Food Emporium; and that's not all of them!

Then, the Mayor of Hinchtown got personal:

Ok. Good burn on Conor Daly. BUT WHAT IS JAMES HINCHCLIFFE TALKING ABOUT?! No maple donuts in Indy? Titus Bakery won #DonutDayIndy 2016 with their Maple Bacon Donut. It's Vice-President approved!

So, Tony offered to help James learn the glorious Indy donut scene:

The offer stands, James. You give us the day, and the donuts will be in-studio and ready. We will let you crown the Best Maple Donut in Indy! We'll have coffee ready, but we know you, so we'll have milk ready, too.

After all, winners drink milk. Right?

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