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Is It Time To Make Medical Marijuana Legal In The State Of Indiana?

Jim Lucas, Republican Member of the Indiana House of Representatives says "Yes"

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It's been said that Indiana would be one of the last states to put any kind of cannabis law on the books. But all that could be set to change amid recent growing support in the Indiana House of Representatives to allow patients with certain medical conditions the freedom to use medical marijuana.

The Indiana chapter of NORML held a town hall meeting Saturday to educate the public about medical marijuana, and Indiana Republican Representative Jim Lucas came out in strong support of the initiative.

WIBC host Tony Katz spoke with Representative Lucas about the initiative Monday. Lucas told Tony the push for the legalization of medical marijuana will face strong opposition - including from Indiana's Attorney General Curtis Hill; however, Lucas said he believes growing public support and an increased amount of data on the benefits of medical marijuana could sway his fellow Republicans.


The head of the biology department at Indiana University just gave a very nice seminar on the factual evidence on the positive effects of medical marijuana. And we're seeing all this research from Israel and Autralia. And I've been in touch with research scientists over in those countries because they're treating it as [it should be treated], which is as something that has a positive medical benefit.

...There's lots of evidence out there that should sway people that still have their doubts or their belief that marijuana is a bad drugs, and it's not. So this is a fight that we have to pick up and we have to push forward to overcome all that ignorance. 

Click the link below to hear Tony's full, unedited interview with Representative Lucas:


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