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Atlanta Gym Decrees: "No F---ing Cops"

The gym won't allow police or active duty military, because they promote "capitalism" and "white supremacy."

(Screen shot from USA, original video footage from WXIA, Atlanta)

If we are to believe the social justice / culture warriors, we accept that it is wrong for a bakery to not bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. Yet those same warriors think it's more than acceptable for a local gym to put up a sign that reads, "No F***ing Cops!"

That is happening in Atlanta, where a gym owner refuses service to police officers, and active military. Why? Because cops are just a tool of "capitalism" and, "white supremacy."

WIBC host Tony Katz can only laugh:

This gym owner is an ignorant fool. You don't get worked up by him. You teach your children not to be like him.

Listen to the Part One of the podcast, or watch the Facebook Live! video below:


After a lot of response on Twitter, Tony continued the conversation about double standards, and how he has now come to oppose the idea of the "public accommodation." He also had a few words for Democratic California Senator Kamala Harris, who wants us to remember the life of Mike Brown, who attacked a police officer before losing his life in Ferguson, MO. Listen to Part Two of the podcast below:

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