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Could John McCain Leave The Republican Party?

Arizona Senator's Anger Towards Donald Trump Leaves Speculation That He Might Go Independent

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is angry with President Donald Trump again.  McCain – in an effort to dig up old news – said during an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” that Trump needs to produce tangible evidence that Barack Obama or his associates tapped the phones inside Trump Tower.

WIBC Morning Host Tony Katz wondered if this kind of bitterness is a sign that McCain might leave the Republican Party:

What does McCain do?  He is just rebuilding a case against Trump, giving the left more of an opportunity to say ‘what are you hiding, what are you hiding, [and] what are you hiding’ without having to deal with the fact that they might be the ones not reporting on it, [because] the reporting will not go in their favor.

[I think McCain is bitter].  It’s what it really seems to be.  This was not a smart conversation of Sen. McCain.  If the objective was just to make him front and center, [then] congratulations, but you didn’t prove anything with it. 

The thing I am paying attention to?  Could Sen. McCain flip?  I mean, could he go Democrat?  Well, better question:  Could he go independent?  I think that is starting to become very possible.

Tony’s commentary is posted:

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