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Ed Henry Of Fox News: Chopping Meals On Wheels Might Not Be The Best Political Move

Republicans Might Want To Think Twice Before Cutting Spending On Program For The Elderly

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President Donald Trump is doing what other Presidents have only promised to do – make serious reductions in spending at the national level.  One program that’s on the chopping block is “Meals on Wheels” -  the meal delivery service available to the elderly who are unable to prepare or afford their own meals.

Ed Henry of Fox News joined WIBC Morning Host Tony Katz and said Republicans might want to rethink this one:

I think the White House is smart to turn this debate around and say ‘look this isn’t just about benefits to people, it’s about taking money out of [Tony’s] listeners’ pockets.'  Somebody is paying for Meals on Wheels – there's federal money for that - and it’s a worker in Indiana who maybe wants to see their tax dollars better spent.

Is ‘Meals on Wheels’ the best target for a Republican White House to go after when it benefits elderly citizens, who maybe can’t get out to get their meals?    

The fact of the matter is, when you’re 20-trillion dollars in debt, you have to start cutting somewhere.  So I think it is smart for the President to put that on the table.  I do think though – to be fair and balanced here – putting ‘Meals on Wheels’ on the chopping block might not be the best political move.

The conversation is posted:

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