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ESPN Exposes Who Really Has Privilege In America: Liberals

Liberal Privilege or Progressive Privilege is real. That's what we learned from Jemele Hill's outrageous tweets

So Jemele Hill gets to keep her job but Curt Schilling loses his job? So who has the real privilege? - Tony Katz

ESPN sports journalist Jemele Hill made some insulting and inflammatory comments about President Donald Trump on Twitter, calling him a white supremacist and saying he surrounds himself with other white supremacists.

Compare that to World Series Champion and former ESPN employee Curt Schilling who tweeted forceful comments during the transgender bathroom controversy.

Jemele Hill, who is black, also complained about the President's "white privilege" on social media, yet she kept her job. But Schilling, who is white, lost his job because of comments on social media. WIBC host Tony Katz asks the question - Who really has privilege? 

The answer? Liberals. Call it Liberal Privilege or Progressive Privilege, ESPN has proven that it's very real.

Watch Tony's commentary from Facebook Live below, or listen to the podcast.



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