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KATZ: If You Wish Betsy Devos Gets Raped, You Will Get Fired

Just ask the Texas lawyer who lost his job because of it.

“I’m not wishing for it. But I’d be ok if Besty Devos was sexually assaulted.”

That's an actual tweet from the twitter handle of Robert Ranco, an attorney with the Carlson Law Firm in Texas. Ranco tweeted the controversial tweet two days after Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos spoke harshly about Title IX and the damage it has done. 

The following statement was released to ABC affiliate KVUE by the law firm that released Ranco:

For those of you who are wondering why this took so long, let me start by saying that this firm is a family and believe it's up to me to show the same loyalty that I ask of my people. I wasn't going to make a rash decision about a member of this family just to appease people on social media.


In the end, we came to the same two conclusions: With over 150 employees - 75% or whom are women - anyone in our company advocating or even expressing apathy towards sexual assault is affront to all victims and a line that simply cannot be uncrossed.

This has been an enormous distraction that has taken us away from the mission of our firm, which is to care for and help people. Understanding and accepting this, Rob is taking full responsibility and choosing to resign. As a man of faith, believer in forgiveness, and longtime friend, it is my sincere hope that Rob with learn from this experience and go on to have a very successful career.

After reading this statement WIBC morning host Tony Katz is seeing something that has been missing in today’s world: Maybe decency is making a comeback.

Watch Tony’s commentary below on Facebook LIVE or listen to the podcast:



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