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KATZ: Keurig Is Trying To Save Face After Hannity-Inspired Boycot

People responded to Keurig's social media post saying they were pulling out of Hannity's FOX News show. And Keurig didn't like it at all.

Tony Katz doesn't like boycotts, but the political right should not deny that they work. 

Keurig is feeling the heat from unhappy users after announcing on social media that they would pull their advertising from Sean Hannity's program on FOX News, based on false accusations from the leftist site Media Matters For America.

From Tony:

We have to make our voice heard. We have to make our pocketbooks heard. We have to let these companies know that's it not ok to side against someone who is a conservative because Media Matters For America thinks someone - or something they said - is horrible. The people have to have their voice.

Watch the Facebook LIVE video below:


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