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The Lesson Of The #SchumerShutdown Debacle? Fight For A Purpose.

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There is a lesson to take out of the 'Schumer Shutdown' that needs to be addressed and understood, according to WIBC host Tony Katz: If you're going to fight, "fight for a purpose." 


Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, the same conversation is going on, which is why in the world, for what reason would Chuck Schumer have engaged a shutdown to get, well, absolutely nothing that he wouldn't have gotten already if he had just been decent? What was the point of it?

...Schumer truly thought that Republicans would cave and he would get what he wanted. He had nothing here; he did nothing. If there isn't a purpose to it, you just look like an obstructionist.

...Nobody in America at this point looks like more of an obstructionist and anti-military than Chuck Schumer. He didn't fight for a purpose.

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