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The Press Says World Leaders Didn't Like Trump's UN Speech. So?

Do Americans really care if Vladimir Putin is happy?

The press hates President Donald Trump's speech to the United Nations, and seems to be pushing the idea that Trump was poorly received by the UN General Assembly because some world leaders didn't attend the speech.

But so what? Does it matter if German Chancellor Angela Merkel or Russian President Vladimir Putin attended? Isn't what President Trump said about North Korea's war footing, Iran's financial support of radical Islamic terrorism and the evils of Socialism in Venezuela more important than those too afraid or too weak to hear it?

WIBC host Tony Katz invokes the memory of Andrew Breitbart in exposing this mainstream media pearl clutching, and gives advice on how to answer those who side with Putin over the United States.

Watch Tony's commentary from Facebook LIVE, or listen to the podcasts. If you miss a show, you can get all the podcasts here.




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