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Robert DeNiro Unloads on Trump in Profanity-Laced Tirade

DeNiro: "Our baby-in-Chief."

(photo credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Robert DeNiro’s introduction of best actress winner Meryl Streep at Tuesday’s National Board of Review awards turned into a "bash Trump" tirade, filled with expletives and sophmoric insults. 

“This f—ing idiot is the president,” he raged. “It’s The Emperor’s New Clothes: The guy is a f—ing fool.”

De Niro continued on, calling Trump “our baby-in-chief” and “the jerkoff-in-chief” who “has put the press under siege,” repeatedly tying Trump’s actions to what goes on in The Post. De Niro later said, “The movie gave us glimpses of President Nixon as delusional, narcissistic, petty, vindictive, nasty, and bats–t f—ing crazy.” He then quipped, “Ah, the good old days.”

Click below to check out WIBC host Tony Katz taking DeNiro to task for his comments:

Just want to listen? Click below:

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