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Tony Katz and The Morning News Complete Show 05.19.17

Today on Tony Katz and The Morning News.

Hour One 

  • Attack In New York City
  • Larry Elder  
  • Weather
  • Fishers Caps and Gowns

Hour Two

  • Notre Dame Students plan to walk out
  • Popcorn Moment- The words of Comey will be the undoing of Comey
  • Donut Day Indy is Coming/Jeff Teague Helps Sponsor Indy Car
  • Pence and Flynn 

Hour Three

  • Quals at the track
  • Dishonest or Just Ignorant
  • Terri Stacy  
  • Conrad Brunner 

Hour Four 

  • Notre Dame Walk Out
  • Pence and Flynn
  • Let the Trolls Troll
  • Collusion? Show me the proof/New York Attack.
(Photo Credit Brandon Roth WSTM-TV) A New York State Supreme Court judge ruled Tuesday that 30-year-old Michael...
(Photo Credit -Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison says Republicans doing “Bible studies”...
(Photo Credit- George Rose/Getty Images) Two employees who harassed and verbally acosted a black customer wearing...
Seattle leaders on Monday unanimously approved a tax on large businesses such as Amazon and Starbucks to fund the...
(Photo Credit- Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images) Violence erupted Monday in Israel , claiming more lives in...