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Tony Katz and The Morning News Complete Show 5.18.17

Special Counsel, Mouth Foaming Press, and Screeching Politicos


Today on Tony Katz and The Morning News, Weekdays 6-10 On 93.1 WIBC. 

Hour One 

  • Trump Travels/Chris Cornell
  • Special Counsel in Russia Probe
  • Amash and McCain Make a Big Mistake
  • Market Drop

Hour Two

  • Special Counsel
  • Doug Boles
  • Popcorn Moment- A world class illustration
  •  William Jacobson 

Hour Three

  • Will Comey Testify/ Snoop Dogg to host Jokers Wild
  • New Wrinkle in the Seth Rich case 
  • Charles Payne
  • Roger Ailes Passes away at 77

Hour Four

  • Special Counsel
  • Poll Testing?
  • When will you start to believe that Tony is Right!
  • Goldberg article about Mike Pence


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