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Tony Katz and The Morning News Complete Show Friday 6-16-17

Mike Pence Lawyers Up,Toobin vs. Dershowitz, and Should Tony Eat This.


Today on Tony Katz and The Morning News.

Hour One 

  • Humid Weather/Pence Lawyers Up.
  • Tony Shares his anger with VP Pence’s staff
  • Those who say rhetoric can change in the US in 48 hours are sorely mistaken
  • Bomb Threat at Community Hospital 

Hour Two 

  • Dog Treat Recall
  • Popcorn Moment- Toobin vs. Dershowitz
  • Paul George Commits to the Pacers
  • Tone down the rhetoric? Fine, but not at the cost of free speech

Hour Three

  • Pence Lawyers up
  • Big Crash on 465 W/Asking permission to pick up your kids to end rape culture
  • Should Tony Eat This.
  • Dennis Rodman Gives Gift “Trumps art of the deal"
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