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Tony Katz Today - Full Show - June 19, 2017

On This Edition of Tony Katz Today:

Hour One

  • Russia vows to shoot down all flying objects over Syria
  • Headlines
  • Overheard
  • Jay Sekulow bizarre media debut
  • Tony has a message for President Donald Trump
  • Questions we need to be asking in the wake of the attack outside a London mosque
  • The Tweet Beat
  • Tony breaks down the ideology and agenda of Adam Schiff
  • Security for Congressmen, Conceal & Carry




Hour Two

  • Attack outside London mosque: We need to learn more about the attacker and his motivation
  • CBS pushing sickening narrative surrounding attack on Congressional Republicans
  • Protesters at Shakespeare in the park
  • Author and Veteran Kurt Schlichter from
  • Katz: "Protesters accomplish nothing; you have to change the culture"
  • It's time for the U.S. to pull out of the United Nations
  • Calls from listeners


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