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What’s The Next Big Event In Indy?

After Another Busy Weekend in Indianapolis, Visit Indy’s Chris Gaul Talks About What’s Next For The Circle City

(Photo credit: Visit Indy)

Indy’s latest huge weekend in tourism featured the opening round of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament and the NCAA women's swimming and diving championship.  Chris Gahl of Visit Indy joined WIBC Morning Host Tony Katz, and gave a peak on what the city is working on for the future

The Pacers allow us to potentially host an NBA All-Star game – that’s something we haven’t had in the city for decades [and] we feel we’re certainly capable of that.  [It could be] a national championship in football, [but there’s] dollars we’d have to raise in the community [to] make sure we can host an event like that.  Again, you can’ forget about sports – it has to be the foundation of what Indianapolis does.

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