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Downtown Indianapolis Protester Claims Palestinian Organizations Kidnap Israelis

A pro-Palestinian protester proudly makes the kidnap claim, then quickly tries to backtrack from his words

On July 31st, approximately 100 people attended a pro-Palestinian rally was held on the capitol steps in downtown Indianapolis.

The rally featured men and children draped in pretend-bloody sheets, to represent the dead. Children were holding signs advocating the financial boycott of Israel, and one man held a sign equating a swastika and a Star of David.

One protester stated that the catalyst of this latest violence - the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens, including one with American citizenship - never happened. He was adamant that no kidnapping ever took place.

How was he so sure? As he said it, when a Palestinian organization kidnaps someone, they always claim it. "They always do," he said. "They're not afraid. If they do it, they come out and say it."


Tony Katz, host of Indy's Morning News on 93.1FM WIBC and, covered an anti-Israel protest on the steps of the capitol building in downtown Indianapolis, Thursday, July 31st 2014.

A protester made the claim that three Israeli teenagers were never kidnapped and never murdered by the Palestinians. He proved this by saying that Palestinian organizations ALWAYS claim when they've kidnapped somebody, and didn't in the case of the teens.

Yes, he actually proudly proclaims that Palestinian organizations kidnap Israelis.

And be sure to check out the sign the man next to him is holding. You'll be seeing more of him in future videos.

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Many people see the violence, bigotry and hatred in the Middle East as something that happens "over there," and that those kind of ideas and that kind of violence could never come to America.

Yet this protest, and these comments, happened in downtown Indianapolis. Has it arrived on our shores?