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Protesters Get Protected, Looters Get Shot

No one should confuse a Protester and a Looter. They are two very different things
The events in Ferguson, MO have led to looting; the wholesale destruction of businesses and people's livelihoods. The reason, as we are told, is that people are angry over the killing of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson PD.
Looters have no rights and no case. No amount of anger, regardless of the subject, justifies the destruction of other people's property nor the stealing of their property.
Also, a looter is not a protester. Protesters are engaging their First Amendment right to peacefully assemble. You may not like the reason for their protest, but that does not entitle you to take away their right to do so.
Confusing the two terms is detrimental to those in Ferguson, and hides the criminal acts of the looters themselves.
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