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Again, Trump Is Not A White Supremacist

Univision Commentator Accuses President Trump Of Wanting A “White Country”

Univision commentator and harsh critic of Donald Trump Jorge Ramos appeared on Fox News and – in so many words - called the President a white supremacist.   Ramos said Trump wants a “white America,” and that many people want to go back to 1965 - when there was a white majority.

WIBC Morning Host Tony Katz has said it many times before: the conversation of race won’t go away because it’s too profitable:

This is a very intolerant conversation that [Jorge Ramos] is having here.  He talks about being muti-cultural, he talks about being multi-racial, and he talks about being a minority-majority country.  Never once does he say that we’re all Americans.  Never once does he get into the conversation that we’re all in it together:  the American way of life, American values, and the importance there of. 

These people will never stop, never stop trying to divide us by race, by color, by religion, by all these other groups, and all these “otherisms” – all these hyphens.  How do you heal the racial divide when the wound is so profitable?  The answer is you can’t, or until these people stop trying to make money off it.

Tony’s commentary is posted:

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