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Everything’s Hunky-Dory In Paul Ryan Land

House Speaker Expects Obamacare Replacement To Pass When He Brings It To The Floor Thursday

House Speaker Paul Ryan announced his plans to bring the American Health Care Act (AHCA) to a vote Thursday.  While Ryan is confident of the bill’s passage, Senators Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) have both indicated they will vote against the AHCA – or “Obamacare Lite” - because of the entitlements it contains.

WIBC Morning Host Tony Katz said it may clear the house, but definitely not the Senate:

To get through the House, there has to be a series  of other deals involved - as Speaker Ryan spoke about there.  You know, making changes that are brought to him.  Well, we don’t know what does changes are – we haven’t seen the full of those changes, I expect to see something in the next 24 hours.    

We knew it wouldn’t be the original bill, right?  What we saw from the original bill wasn’t going to go through as was, or as written.  We’ll see what else they bring.

Possible you can squeak it through the House – you’ve got a problem with House Freedom Caucus a lot, I don’t know what they can promise them.  No, it’s not getting through the Senate – we should stop kidding ourselves.

Tony’s commentary is posted:




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