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Lying Liberals: Vice President Mike Pence Unfairly Attacked for Post-Katrina Comments

Video Circulates Purporting to Show Pence 'Begging Congress' Not to Provide Aid to Katrina Victims; Social Media Takes the Bait

(photo credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

When it comes to partisan politics and attacking your 'enemy,' liberals clearly have no shame.

Late Wednesday evening, social media blew up with users attacking Vice President Mike Pence for video purporting to show him 'begging' congress to deny financial aid to victims of hurricane Katrina, which devastated the city of New Orleans in 2005. 

In the edited video that's circulating, Pence appears to urge House representatives, “As we tend to the wounded, as we begin to rebuild, let us also do what every other American family would do in like circumstances and expects this Congress to do. Let’s figure out how we’re going to pay for it. Congress must ensure that a catastrophe of nature does not become a catastrophe of debt for our children and grandchildren.”

The problem, of course, is that the story liberals are pushing isn't true.

Following the Katrina disaster, then-Indiana congressman Pence supported advocated for spending cuts only after the Katrina relief effort got the money it needed.

Further, just hours after the speech in the viral video, the House voted 410-11 for $51.8 billion in relief without any spending cuts attached. And Pence? He voted in favor of the measure.

WIBC host Tony Katz covered liberal's latest attempt at a character assassination of Vice President Pence in today's "Popcorn Moment." Click the link below to check it out:


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