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#PopcornMoment: It Takes A McCain To Know A McCain

Sen. McCain doesn't know why other Republicans don't believe in global warming like he does....and his daughter.

A change in temperature does not necessarily mean that man is destroying the planet. Yet, amazingly, this very statement is looked at as heresy by rabid environmentalists around the globe. And, more and more, by politicians of every stripe.

WIBC host Tony Katz uses the #PopcornMoment to hear the words of Arizona Republican Senator John McCain, who agrees with his daughter that Republicans aren't doing enough to recognize climate change is real because, well, things are happening around the globe that can't be explained.

Tony wonders:

Does that mean hurricanes? Like Irma and Harvey? Because when I was a kid, there were hurricanes and storms. And when I'm long gone, there will be hurricanes and storms. And between 2005 and 2017, the only storm worth mentioning was the late 2016 hurricane Matthew. So, more than a decade between major hurricanes, and anthropogenic climate change is now real? That's a stretch....and so is the science environmentalists use to make their case.

Listen to the #PopcornMoment below, presented by Royal Spa:


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