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#PopCornMoment: MSNBC on DACA Will Leave You Thrilled and Frustrated

It's a twofer: Insanity from Andrea Mitchell, and integrity from Craig Melvin

Today's #PopCornMoment is a twofer from MSNBC. In one clips, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell gets apoplectic over Attorney General Jeff Sessions use of the term illegal aliens when discussing DACA, saying the many people find the term "offensive." She also couldn't understand what "dreamers" have to do with the border.

But remain calm. MSNBC host Craig Melvin then speaks with Rep. Ruben Gallego of Arizona about the constitutionality of President Obama's executive order on DACA. While Rep. Gallego wants to attack President Trump and Republicans for rescinding it, Melvin presses him on whether or not the order is indeed constitutional.

As WIBC host Tony Katz says, it's the best and the worst of cable news. And yes, even MSNBC can speak the truth. "We should celebrate when journalists and hosts do their jobs," says Tony. "Craig Melvin did his job here, and he did it really well. We should take notice."

Enjoy the #PopCornMoment below, presented by Royal Spa.


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