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Congressman Todd Rokita on DACA: "The Border Wall has to Come First."

Rokita on Media Reports: Breathless Reporting and Gossip, Nothing More

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Frustration, anger and bewilderment amongst Donald Trump's Republican base emerged in the wake of last night's announcement from Democratic leaders that they had solidified an agreement with the President to extend the protections of DACA, but not provide funding for Trump's long-promised border wall.

President Trump added to the confusion Thursday morning by issuing a tweet in which he denied that a deal had been reached and reaffirmed his commitment to prioritize the border wall before agreeing to any legal protections for immigrants illegally brought into the country as minors.

Indiana Congressman Todd Rokita attempted to cut through the confusion during an interview with WIBC host Tony Katz.


I think the sense of those that I talk to regularly on the house floor and are friends of mine are that, 'Hey, it's gotta be a border wall first,' and certainly no amnesty and no citizenship. You know, there are people who have come [to the country] the right way, and they deserve first consideration.

...We've seen a lot of breathless reporting and it's just gossip and nothing more. 

Congressman Rokita also told Tony he will not vote for nor support any deal that provides citizenship before a [border] wall is built.

Let me be very clear: I am not for any deal that does not secure the border first.

...The wall has got to come first, and then yeah, I think there is room for the DACA issue, but certainly not amnesty. 

Click below to hear Tony's full interview with Congressman Rokita:

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