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Dana Loesch Hits Back at Women's March Against Her NRA Ad; Talks Special Episode of "The Dana Show"

Loesch: I think this march is having the opposite impact on me that they intended

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Women’s March Inc. is leading a nationwide protest Friday against the National Rifle Association in response to a promotional video featuring radio and television personality Dana Loesch.

Dana spoke with WIBC host Tony Katz about reaction to the ad and the special Women's March Protest episode of her nationally syndicated radio program “The Dana Show,” heard daily on WIBC.


Anyone that has their reading comprehension of adulthood knows what I was talking about in this ad.  Burning down a building is not protected speech. Punching elderly people in the face because they're wearing their little Trump hats - that's not protected speech. Burning down stuff on a college campus because you're just so upset that there's going to be someone there on your campus and you don't like their opinion - that's not protected speech.

Protected speech is peaceful assembly. Protected speech is peaceful protest. Protected speech is peaceful expression. It is not physical assualt and property destruction.

Dana said she'll expose the individuals behind Women's March, Inc. during her special Women's March Protest episode.

I'm going to go into who these women are behind this march, and I'm also going to talk about who some of the men are as well that these women have endorsed. 

Click below to hear Tony's full interview with Dana:


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