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Exclusive Interview: Vice President Mike Pence Talks with WIBC's Tony Katz

Pence: Colts Walkout Was Neither Planned Nor a Stunt

(photo credit: Sara B. Davis/Getty Images)

WIBC host Tony Katz was live from the grounds of the White House Tuesday and had the privilege to speak with Indiana's own Mike Pence, Vice President of the United States. 

Vice President Pence addressed the controversy over his decision to walk out of the Colts game earlier this month after players on the opposing team failed to stand for the National Anthem, telling Tony it was neither planned nor a stunt. Mr. Pence also discussed the honor he feels in representing the state of Indiana in Washington and serving under the leadership of President Donald Trump.


It's a very humbling thing for me, a small town guy from Indiana, to be able to come to work at the White House every day [and] serve as Vice President of the United States to a President who is so committed to strengthening our country, to making America prosperous again, and making America safe again.

...The greatest privilege of my life is to serve as Vice President to Donald Trump. To see the progress that we're making on the world stage; ISIS is on the run, we're standing with our allies; we're standing up to our enemies; we're rebuilding our military; the American economy is roaring back [adding] 1.2 million net new jobs. 

...And before the end of this year we're going to cut taxes for working-class families and small businesses all across America. So you bet, it's a great, great privilege and I'm honored to be some part of it.

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