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How Do We Defeat the Murderous Thugs of ISIS? Hug it Out!

‘Hug a Terrorist’ Program Hopes to Stop Spread of Extremism

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How do you de-radicalize a cold-blooded terrorist who is hell bent on the destruction of the entire western Way of life? More hugs!!

Police in Denmark have set up a new program designed to stop the spread of radicalization and terror attacks by using a "method" referred to by some as the “hug a terrorist” or "hug a jihadi" model of de-radicalization.

The program aims to change the minds of potential Islamic extremists by supporting them and offering them kindness rather than treating them as outcasts and criminals. 

In other words, just because you've beheaded a few innocent people and burned others to death in a steel cage doesn't neccessarily mean you're a bad guy. Everyone has their faults.

WIBC host Tony Katz discussed Denmark's ludicrous anti-terrorism strategy on his Thursday broadcast.


So the jihadi wants you to submit or die, right? The Jihadi wants you to convert to Islam, to be a devout Muslim, and to give all the praises you possibly can to Allah. But, if you give them a hug, 'Well, let's go get ourselves a steak sandwich. You got any bacon you can put on that?' Right? Everything changes!

...Now this has been a conversation they've had in the Netherlands for a while, about the idea that they need to reacclimate the people who fight with ISIS back into society. 

Well, you do that by putting them in jail and them not having them a part of society.

Click the link below to hear Tony's full, unedited, and hysterical comments on Denmark's answer to terrorism.

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