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Hysteria: ‘USA Today’ Warns of ‘Chainsaw Bayonet’

Cam Edwards, NRA News: There is No True Definition of an 'Assault Weapon'

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USA Today warned Americans on Wednesday of the possibility that a chainsaw bayonet could be strapped to an AR-15 rifle. 

In a video posted to its Twitter page, the news publication attempted to explain the AR-15 rifle to its readership. The video detailed random components of an AR-15 like the trigger, buttstock, handguard, and sights but not other integral parts like the upper receiver, lower receiver, or grip.

Cam Edwards of NRA News told WIBC host Tony Katz he's never seen something called a "chainsaw bayonet," and that the mainstream media is predictably jumping at the opportunity to further a political agenda.


They really do believe that this is the best opportunity that they've had in years to pass a gun ban - whether at the Federal level or to see states ban semi-automatic rifles, but they're on a crusade and the facts take a backseat to emotion.

Tony and Edwards also discussed the debate surrounding semi-automatic weapons and so-called 'assault weapons.' Click below to check out the full interview:

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