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Indiana Congressman Jim Banks Joins Tony Katz In-Studio

Banks: "After we get through tax reform, we have to tackle healthcare reform at the first of the year."

(photo credit: Bill Clark/Getty Images)

WIBC host Tony Katz was joined in-studio Monday by Indiana Congressman Jim Banks of the 3rd district. 

Tony and Congressman Banks covered a multitude of pertinent topics, including President Trump's stated intentions on the Iran nuclear deal and tax reform, as well as the administration's efforts to eliminate healthcare subsidies, which has been sharply criticized by Democrats and the mainstream media.


The subsidies never went through any type of regular order and was not voted on by Congress, it was simply a payoff from President Obama. So how can a guy like [Indiana Senator] Joe Donnelly talk about President Trump causing the problem when clearly President Obama caused the problem by having a payoff system - a slush fund - that Congress never authorized?


Well, these subsidies were clearly unconstitutional to begin with, and there are court cases and battles that are taking place over that very subject. So what the President did by eliminating the subsidy has Constitutional grounding, but once again it puts the impetus on the Congress to act and do something to fix the mess that has become of our healthcare system because of Obamacare.

...In Indiana next year, Tony, we're projected to see another 20% increase on average for premiums for Hoosier families.

Click below to hear Tony's full interview with Congressman Banks:


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