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Lawyers for Former IT Aide Imran Awan Want to Block Review of Hard Drive

Daily Caller's Luke Rosiak Joins Tony Katz to Discuss

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Lawyers for Imran Awan, an ex-aide who ran information technology (IT) for Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Indiana Congressman Andre Carson, claimed in court Friday that data recovered from a hard drive on Capitol Hill should not be valid as evidence because Awan put a note that said “attorney client privilege” near it before abandoning it in a phone booth.

The investigation into Imran and his family began when House authorities noticed they were billing expensive equipment to congressional offices and falsely listing the price as exactly $499.99, one penny under the threshold at which equipment is automatically tracked by House administrators, but the investigation quickly expanded into cybersecurity issues, when authorities found the Awans had accessed a congressional server 5,400 times without authorization and moved “massive” data off the House network, according to a September report in The Washington Post.

WIBC host Tony Katz spoke with Luke Rosiak, an investigative reporter for The Daily Caller about the latest developments in the case. According to Rosiak, Democrats are attempting to downplay the evidence in the case against Awan and avoid any discussion of the matter.


...The Democrats don't want to talk about this guy; they're acting like it's no big deal when the evidence very clearly suggests otherwise when you take the time to look into the facts. And Imran's own lawyers are now saying that basically there are some procurement stuff, some money going missing and some invoices being falsified on Capital Hill at the same time you're seeing these cyber security violations. Which, by the way, they logged in - without authorization - 5,000 times to a Congressional server in a seven month period, and they funneled massive amounts of Congressional data off the network.

Click below to hear Tony's full interview with Rosiak:

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