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More Explosions Possible After ‘Pops’ Heard at Storm-Crippled Texas Chemical Plant

Journalist on scene tells Tony Katz there are 'conflicting reports on how many explosions to expect'

(Photo Credit: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/Getty Images) 

Hours after noisy “chemical reactions” and fires broke out at a storm-battered chemical plant — sending numerous sheriff’s deputies to the hospital — the facility’s operators have warned that more explosions are possible, even as authorities scramble to reassure the public that no dangerous levels of hazardous chemicals have been detected in the air.

Houston Chronicle contributor Keri Blakingler was on the scene in Crosby, Texas when she spoke with WIBC host Tony Katz, telling him that authorities have given conflicting reports on how many explosions and how much devastation to expect as the situation at the plant unfolds.


We're getting some conflicting reports on how many more explosions to expect. Initially a spokesperson came out here to the scene and said there were a total of eight trucks of these chemicals and that they would all eventually explode in some capacity. Then maybe an hour later we had county officials with the sheriff and the Harris County fire marshal come out and tell us that there are a total of nine containers and that only three of them have lost refrigeration. 

...So it's a very active scene and we're seeing a lot of information change with each update as of now. 

Blakingler also have Tony some insight into the problems that authorities are encountering with looting in Harris County. You can check out Tony's full interview with Keri Blakingler by clicking on the link below:


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