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North Koreans Live in Constant Fear of Their Government

Katz: "You get queasy when you see the terror in this little girl's eyes."

(Photo Credit: VCB/Getty Images)

CNN aired a segment Wednesday that exposed the level of fear and mental oppression under which the citizens of North Korea live. 

The network sent reporter Will Ripley to Pyongyang to “interview” North Koreans about the regime’s latest missile launch that flew over Japan.

The problem, of course, is that the regime is so oppressive that the North Koreans interviewed had nothing but effusive praise for leader Kim Jong Un and his missile program.

WIBC host Tony Katz played the audio from the segment, which at one point shows a little girl hesitating before answering the reporter's question. 


You speak out [against North Korea], you're going to be fed to the dogs.

...The [propaganda] gets really pronounced with these girls, all in uniform. Now if you've never heard of the stories of these female military members who had the chance to defect. And the stories of the sexual abuse, and the stories of the malnutrition, and the horrors that go on... They're rough. They're rough stuff to hear.

...The reporter then asks [this girl] a question. And she just stops. She doesn't answer the question at the first. And you can see the pain in her face that if she knows that if she doesn't answer this question correctly, her family dies. 

Click below to hear Tony's full commentary on the disturbing video:

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