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President Trump Doubles Down on Threat to North Korea

Trump: Maybe 'fire and fury' comment 'wasn't tough enough

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President Donald Trump has doubled down on his warning to North Korea from earlier in the week, telling reporters on Thursday that his threat to bring "fire and fury" if North Korea continued to threaten the United States may not have gone far enough.

In an unprepared remark on Tuesday, President Trump said: "North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States."
"They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen ... he has been very threatening beyond a normal state," said Trump. "They will be met with fire, fury and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before."  
The president was sharply criticized for his remarks, with many of his detractors labeling Trump 'impulsive' and a 'loose cannon.'
WIBC host Tony Katz was far more concerned with the forum and method in which the President chose to address the threat from North Korea than what Trump actually said.
I say the man is impulsive... to a fault. I say he should know when the right moment is because you want full presentation, and just answering the question in the moment doesn't give it to you. 
...What I didn't like was the [place]. [President Trump] was there with [his] wife and Health and Human Services Director, Tom Price, and there's Kellyanne Conway. If you're going to have a speech with me, a talk with me. If you're going to get deep with me, you're gonna cut through my soul, right? You're gonna get me where I live, I want you surrounded by some flags and a couple American Generals.
I want to hear about options. I want to hear that we're going to exhaust every diplomatic option possible. And then I want to hear that if we have to protect ourselves, we will. And if that means the annihilation of North Korea as we now know it, then that's what it means. 
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