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Proposed Mosque Causing Controversy in Carmel

(Photo Credit: Thomas Coex/Getty Images)

A planned Islamic Life Center in Carmel is drawing opposition among people in the nearby neighborhoods.

The Al Salam Foundation is the group that wants to build the mosque.

Ashhar Madni, the vice president of the board of trustees, has tried asuage residents' concerns, according to RTV6.

"Some people think that being a mosque, we're going to do a call to prayer five days a week on the loudspeaker, which is not the case," Madni said. 

WIBC Tony Katz responded to Madni's comments Thursday.


"Well, that seems to be the case in a lot of places. ...and if there are people living nearby, it might not be something they want to hear. And so I think that's one of the questions that should be answered publicly. And if it starts, exactly how quickly can the lawsuit begin, and how high is the fine?

...I am opposed to the idea of this 'call to prayer' because throughout history it has been used as a means to - for lack of a better word - subjugate people. I am not opposed to the mosque being built because I believe in religious freedom, but a 'call to prayer' is another matter. It might be to President Obama a beautiful sound, but to a lot of other people, it means a reduction in your home values."

Click the link below to hear more of Tony's comments on the proposed mosque:

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