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Radio Host Hugh Hewitt Sits Down with Tony Katz to Talk Trump, Terrorism

Hewitt on Preventing Future Terror Attacks: "See Something, Say Something Works Very Infrequently."

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Nationally-syndicated radio host Hugh Hewitt was in Indianapolis Wednesday for a speaking engagement and took time to stop by the WIBC studios for a visit with Tony Katz.

Tony and Hewitt discussed tax reform, the Trump Administration, Tuesday's terror attack in New York, and the barriers we face in finding solutions to prevent future attacks. 


We have to recruit Muslim Americans into the Bureau of Investigation into every city, police department, the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency. We need people who speak Arabic, because that is the language of Jihad.

...See something, say something works very infrequently. 

Hewitt also discussed his new show at MSNBC and the view of the network as a platform that is strictly for liberals.


MSNBC made a decision a couple years ago that they had to reflect the culture as a whole, and so they began adding conservative talent at various places. And I've got to tell everyone, it's a wonderful place to work. 

...Everyone is professionally wonderful because all they care about is quality. I'm pretty sure that your show would be carried any place it got ratings, and that's MSNBC's view and that's NBC's view.

Click the link below to hear Tony's full interview with Hugh Hewitt:

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