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Republicans Shell-Shocked After Trump Aligns Himself with Democrats on Debt Limit

Katz: "The President is going for the 'win'"

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Republican leaders were clearly frustrated Wednesday after President Donald Trump abruptly sided with Democrats on adding hurricane relief and funding to keep the government open to a short-term bill raising the debt ceiling for the next three months.

Several Trump voters were dismayed and surprised by the President aligning himself with Democrats. WIBC host Tony Katz? Not so much.


Donald Trump went along with the Democrats on the debt limit, I believe, because what's the point of going along with Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell?

...[If you're President Donald Trump] what do you do? You're looking for the win, baby. You're looking to get something done. You're looking to put wins in the column. Just put 'em up there, like notches in the headboard, you're looking for the win. You're looking to take care of the people who are affected by hurricane Harvey, and you say 'What? Three months I extend the debt limit, I take care of those people? Fine! I look like a hero. That's a win; on to the next thing.'

My question is for those people who thought they were voting for a 'true believer' [in Republican values]: What were you thinking? You didn't know that this is who you voted for? You didn't know this is who [Trump] is? This is who he is! 

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