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Second Amendment Success Story: 84-Year-Old Grandfather Fires Back at Burglars

Katz: "Nothing wrong with being able to protect yourself and the ones you love."

(photo credit: Angad Singh/Getty Images)

An 84-year-old grandfather fired back when he caught masked intruders breaking into his property and they started shooting at him.

Police in Shelbyville said the break-in happened Tuesday afternoon.

Mason Elliot told reporters that his grandfather, Robert Elliot, called him when he saw the masked men pulling into the property.

Before police could get to the scene, the suspects started shooting at Robert and he returned fire, sending them running from the scene.

WIBC host Tony Katz called the incident a 'Second Amendment Success Story,' noting that there's "nothing wrong with protecting yourself and the ones you love." 


We should celebrate those moments when they happen. We should know that it does happen. And the people out there who are anti-gun and anti Second Amendment, and anti your ability to defend yourself... as I see it, that's a terrible position. Being smart, being sensible? That's a great position. Protecting yourself and the ones you love? I think that's the only decent course.

Hear Tony's full commentary by clicking on the link below:

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