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Tony Katz Eviscerates Gay Rights Activists Who Urged Amazon to NOT Choose Indianapolis for HQ2

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A group of gay-rights advocates have launched a campaign urging Amazon to exclude certain states from consideration for the company's second headquarters, including Indiana.

The group says Indiana is one of a handful of states that currently have "no laws preventing sexual or gender discrimination." 

The group, which includes the executive director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights and a gay-rights activist and author, plans a demonstration near Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle on Thursday as Amazon prepares to issue its fourth-quarter earnings. It has also hired a plane to fly overhead trailing a "No gay? No way!" banner. It also plans billboards on trucks driving through Seattle and online ads saying "Hey, Alexa? Why would Amazon even consider HQ2 in a state that discriminates against LGBT people?," according to the organizers.

WIBC host Tony Katz eviscerated the group in an epic rant Thursday.

"Of course Indy is welcoming, and of course Amazon should come to Indy. To say otherwise is nonsense. To say that Indy and Hoosiers aren't welcoming, or are bigoted, because we won't pass legislation that makes you happy doesn't make us bigots; it makes you bullies.

And we're not people who will be bullied. We won't wilt under your hateful pressure. What do you think we are? Chicago?"

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