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Tony Katz: "James Comey is One World Class Liar."

Former FBI Director Allegedly Drafted Letter Exonerating Hillary Clinton Before Interviewing a Single Witness

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Remember all that talk about former FBI Director James Comey being a man of utmost character, honor, and unimpeachable integrity?  Yeah, that's over now. 

This week we finally got a glimpse of the real James Comey, and it turns out he's about as ethical as... Well, Hillary Clinton.

And speaking of the failed Democratic candidate for president, this Thursday it was revealed that former FBI Director Comey began drafting a statement that exonerated Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server at full two months before a single witness was interviewed in the FBI's probe. 

So much for virtue.

WIBC host Tony Katz completely eviscerated former FBI Director Comey on his program Friday, delivering a biting satirical performance of an imagined meeting between Comey and Hillary Clinton that you absolutely have to hear for yourself. Click the link below to check it out:


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