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Tony Katz Today - Full Show - Thursday, June 15, 2017

Rhetoric Leads to Radicalization; Ed Henry from Fox News; Fox Business' Charles Payne

On Today's Edition of Tony Katz Today

Hour One

  • James T. Hodgkinson: rhetoric is leading to violence
  • Ed Henry, Fox News joins Tony to talk need to condemn violent rhetoric
  • Democrats and obstruction of justice: It's about the charge, not the crime
  • This was an attempt at a mass assissination of Republicans
  • Rhetoric leads to radicalization



Hour Two

  • Congressman Steve Scalise remains in critical condition
  • Will members of congress see increased security details?
  • Charles Payne from Fox Business on fall in tech stocks, attack on Congressman Scalise, media rhetoric
  • Casino avoids $43 million payout, claims "machine error"
  • Sarah Palin fights back against New York Times
  • What motivated James T. Hodgkinson
  • Political rhetoric: provide an argument of value
  • Tony responds to a Twitter attack
  • An update on Trump's travel ban


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