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TSA: Keeping You Safe and Molesting You

New 'Enhanced' Security Measures Offer Better Safety and Increased Opportunities for Sensory Bonding

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Great news America! The TSA has now officially unveiled their all-new 'enhanced' security pat-down procedures at airports across the country, and you'll be reassured to learn that your safety and your genitals are in better hands than ever before. 

A recent article in The Weekly Standard offers a first-hand account of how the new security measures differ from the less (cough) invasive pat-down procedures of the past. One thing's for sure: airport security screening is no place for prudes.

If the response of WIBC host Tony Katz to the news is any indication, these enhanced security procedures are unlikely to be welcomed by the general public the next time they encounter TSA prior to boarding a flight.


(This) is just another example of the insanity of the TSA, the blue glove of hate that exists at every airport that wants to tell you how they're keeping you safe; the TSA does not keep you safe. 

...The TSA is not okay, and I have to tell you I am most disappointed in President Trump, and Vice President Pence, and the Attorney General, and whoever else might be in charge for not suggesting strongly that we shut this down and we get to actual, real security at airports... Security that might actually do something as opposed to limiting the rights of Americans, oh, and molesting them. 

...No one should have to go through this; it's nonsense.

Click the link below to hear Tony's full rant on the TSA:

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