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What Happened in Ft. Wayne is an Example of The Continued Madness Taking Place in our Public Schools

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A Fort Wayne family says their eighth-grade son was bullied by his Spanish teacher at Blackhawk Middle School for using Fox News as a source on a current events report.

From News Sentinel:

"Students have a recurring assignment to read a current news article and translate it into Spanish. Students weren’t told they had to use or avoid using any certain news sources, Hein said.

Citing the source of the article also wasn’t required, but Hein said his son usually included the source with his assignments.

Jacob translated a story about U.S. Air Force pilots reportedly seeing possible UFOs, which he read on Fox News, his father said. The family relies on a variety of news sources, including Fox News, CNN and others.

The day after turning in the assignment, Spanish teacher Sarah “Sally” Ford walked over to Jacob in class and reportedly told him Fox News is “fake news” and that he shouldn’t use it as a source anymore, Hein said his son told him that day.

Then Ford reportedly told Jacob that instead of doing an assignment on family trees, which the other students were doing, she wanted him to look up any of President Donald Trump’s “many lies” and to give her a full-page report on it."

WIBC host Tony Katz discussed how the incident in Ft. Wayne is just the latest in a recent surge of insanity in public schools across the country. Click below to hear his commentary:

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