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Allegations Of Racism Not Slowing ISP Voter Fraud Investigation

Tony Katz Explores New Allegations Of Racism and Voter Suppression Being Made By Patriot Majority USA & Indiana Voter Registration Project

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The Indiana State Police investigation into reports of voter fraud by the Indiana Voter Registration Project is growing rapidly, as the number of counties involved in the inquest ballooned Thursday from nine to fifty-seven. The investigation now encompasses more than 60 percent of Indiana's 92 counties.

Growing with the ISP investigation are the claims by IVRP parent group Patriot Majority that Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson and the ISP are actively trying to disenfranchise 45,000 African-American voters.

The immediate push toward racism and voter suppression is an agenda-driven conversation meant to divide, says WIBC Morning News Host Tony Katz:

Patriot Majority and the IVRP have two Washington, D.C.-based PR firms talking for them. The latest is that the Department of Justice is being asked to investigate voter suppression by Indiana officials and the State Police being used to disenfranchise African-American voters. 

This is playbook stuff. They knew they were going to have a voter registration drive and do voter registration here in Indiana, and when anything goes wrong, boom! It's about racism!

A recent statement shows that Indiana Governor Mike Pence is now being included in these allegations, says Tony: 

 They make sure to let you know that the ISP Superintendent Douglas Carter was chosen for the position by Governor Pence. So, not only are they talking about voter suppression of black voters, they want to tie Governor Pence into it.

Also mentioned in the statement is a key law enforcement figure in the investigation, ISP First Sgt. WIlliam Van, who they claim is trying to run for Sheriff of Johnson County and is hiding it from his superiors. IPS Chief Public Information Officer Dave Bursten tells Tony in an exclusive interview that claiming someone could hide running for Sheriff is delusional: 

I'm stunned by the lengths that Patriot Majority has gone to to make remarks about another person, and they're doing it to divert attention from the investigation. 

The accusations being made by IVRP and Patriot Major extend far beyond racist behavior by some of Indiana's top officials. IVRP is also trying to raise concerns about possible inappropriate actions concerning Tuesday's ISP search of IVRP headquarters.

Hear about these additonal allegations and all of Tony's commentary on the latest developments below: 

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