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New Video Shows Dem Operatives Admitting Voter Fraud

Tony Katz Examines Project Veritas Video Showing Democratic Operatives Foval and Creamer Colluding With DNC To Commit Voter Fraud

Another explosive video from Project Veritas and filmmaker James O’Keefe hits right at the heart of one of Indiana’s biggest election-season issues: voter fraud.

Tuesday's video "Mass Voter Fraud" illustrates how Democratic operatives Scott Foval and Bob Creamer colluded with the Democratic National Committee to commit voter fraud. It is the second flim in as many days from O'Keefe and Project Veritas exposing the underhanded behavior of the Democratic Party and DNC.

Not only does this new video show exactly what moves these operatives have made toward voter fraud, says WIBC Morning News Host Tony Katz, it directly addresses the idea of voter fraud in Indiana:

[Scott Foval] has this concept of voter fraud, the idea that you can buy used cars and use shell companies to register the cars so nobody would no where they are from so you can bring people in to vote and he's targeted two states: Michigan and Indiana. And what does he think about Indiana laws? 

Foval audio clip: "The least restrictive donation caps and campaign finance laws. And the investigative arms...they have weakened it so bad that you could ---- your mother in front of the governor and not go to jail, if you had enough money." 

Well, he's pleasant. But you need to know what's happening, what's being said, how voters are being discussed, how voter fraud is being discussed, the debasing of our morality. It's all within these videos from Project Veritas.

Hear the rest of Tony's take in Wednesday's #PopcornMoment below:

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